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Chocolate Meal Replacement


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✔️WEIGHT LOSS CONTROL: Boost your confidence! Support your weight loss goals by swapping one to two meals per day with our delicious easy to make diet shakes! Designed for both Men & Women to aid you on your healthy journey. Re:Co meal replacement shakes are all about making you feel confident inside & out.

✔️KEEPING IT SUPER SIMPLE - Simply just swap one or two of your meals for our Re:Co diet shakes. Incredible long-lasting results made simple and easy. Each shake packs the nutrition you need to stay fuller for longer and to get on with your busy life without worrying about overindulging on sugary, fatty snacks or counting calories.

✔️ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS: A carefully formulated range of ingredients including vitamins, minerals & proteins that are 100% nutritionally complete for optimal health and essential macronutrients - Designed in house by our nutritionists to ensure effective & real results. Our shakes will keep you feeling fuller for longer and increase your energy throughout the day.

✔️HEAVENLY TASTE & TEXTURE: Say GOODBYE to chalky & artificial tasting shakes or bland salads and say HELLO to our delicious and satisfying protein-packed thick & smooth diet shake. Hours of formulating to ensure each of our Re:Co shake flavours tastes great and mixes easily within a few seconds. Simply add milk or water and enjoy.

✔️HIGHEST QUALITY & UK MADE: Re:Co Diet Shakes are made here in the UK in our state-of-the-art ISO standard manufacturing facility using premium UK sourced ingredients with full traceability and made with the high safety and hygiene standards. Our Diet Shakes are NON GMO and free from artificial preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians. Any hesitations please contact us for 100% guarantee.

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